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Social Skills and Character Building
Worksheets for Kids:

Ideas for Using the Boost Kids Activity Book in the Classroom

One of the three main components of the Boost Kids curriculum is the activity book. It was the original component developed by Boost Kids and used in schools and social service agencies to begin our mission of teaching social skills and character development to today’s youth. The book was designed in the hopes of providing parents and educators a set of readings and social skills worksheets for kids to help them understand the life skills we all embrace but never had in writing. It was designed to give young people a simple and easy set of strategies or skills to confidently enter the social and character testing challenges we all face in life. The book contains eight lessons with twenty-eight topics covering the key characteristics most important for the social and character responsibilities of adulthood. Here is a comprehensive list of the areas of development addressed in Boost Kids.

social skills worksheets for kidsMore information about what’s included in BoostKids.

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Each area you see mentioned above is specifically covered in the book. A short reading on each topic provides an analysis and strategies for use when faced with one of these situations. There is also an inspirational quote at the beginning of each topic to continue to enrich their knowledge in this area. Also included at the end of each lesson are social skills and character building worksheets for kids to fill out. Each worksheet provides a series of fill-in-the-blank statements from the readings to review what was learned. The first three lesson fill-ins present social skills worksheets for the kids, while the remaining lesson fill-ins offer character building worksheets. Through the readings, quotes, and worksheets the book supplies a tool kids can learn from and parents or teachers can refer to in educating their kids on the social and character traits needed for success in life.

Character Development

 Respecting Others

 Talking Behind Someone's Back

 Doing Nice Things is Addictive

 Feel Good About Yourself

 Create Your Own Identity

 Have Fun

 Try New Things


 Overcoming Little Things

 Weaknesses and Strengths

 Accomplishing Goals

 Resisting Peer Pressure


 Handling Being Teased
Social Skills

 Greeting People

 Eye Contact


 Speaking Clearly

 Telephone Manners


 Dealing with a Bragger

 Saying "Thank You"

 Giving Compliments

 Be Passionate





How BoostKids Can Help:
Improve Self ConfidenceBoostKids is a program that can help increase a child’s confidence by teaching social skills to children and building their character. BoostKids has been and is currently being taught in schools, non-profit organizations, and after-school programs. The program is now available as an at-home training program for children and their parents. The key training tool of the BoostKids program is an interactive CD-ROM that shows kids the right-way and the wrong-way to handle social situations. They learn from real kid actors in real-life scenarios!

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By Charlie Copp - Executive Director of Boost Kids

About the author: Charlie Copp is the executive director for BOOST KIDS, an interactive CD ROM-based program for kids ages six and up, that teaching children social skills and strong character across the nation. His work with BOOST KIDS confirms what Copp has always believed: that kids and teens are hungry for character-building life skills, and with them gain the confidence needed to succeed in the classroom, on the playing field, in their interpersonal relationships, and on the job.